Friday, October 8, 2010


My poems are my heart pulled out of my chest and smeared across the page for all to see.  Sharing them has been a challenge and while I've shared them with my friends on Facebook on occasion, I've been a bit fearful of sharing them out in the open as they would be on this blog.  It may be more to do with content than anything else.

Some poems reveal more of my heart than others.  Some are just plain fun.  Like this one, which I wrote a couple years ago while sitting in the laundry mat.

Laundry O' Laundry

Laundry o laundry,
Why do you pester me so?

There you sit,
In the corner of my room,
Your pile growing daily,
As high as the mountains on the horizon.
Your constant stare,
Your unclean glare,
I just can’t bare.

Why must I spend my only day off with you?
Lugging you down the stairs,
To the laundry mat.
Waiting for you to wash, rinse, spin.
Succumbing to the dizziness of watching you
Spin around,
And around,
And around as you dry.
Lugging you back upstairs,
Putting you away,
Only to find you growing again that same day.

Laundry o laundry
You torture me so.
Please go away!
Please leave me alone!

While not 'properly' trained in writing poems, I do consider them poems.  While writing them I hear myself sharing them at an open mic or with a friend.  My focus is on getting my emotions out, onto the paper where I can see them, mold them with my hands then embrace them.  Sharing them helps me to heal.  I'm heard when I share them.  Being heard and seen is healing in itself.

I've kept most of my deeper and emotional poems to myself but would like to 'come out' and share one with you.  Perhaps it will encourage me to share more.

My Pain

My pain is my own.
I claim it like a child claiming a goody bag,
nervous, anxious,
yet excited for the possibilities that lay

Nothing about it looks good from the outside.
It may even look quite plain
to some.

Everyone's pain looks different.
Dark, light,
brown, black, blue or
blood red.

Layered like a pine cone.
Protected like an oyster.

peel back those layers, 
break away the shell
and you'll eventually see
the beauty
that lies

Being this open and vulnerable is fairly new so I will leave you with these pieces of my heart for now.  Thank you for reading.


  1. Hi, just found you through G's blog and look forward to reading you more! I read several of your posts and really enjoyed your writing and photography. Thanks for bein' out there!

  2. Hi! Welcome! Thanks for reading!

  3. considering that I am doing laundry, right at this moment, I totally know what you mean. I HATE it, to the point of wanting to go around naked all the time...but that would be a bit impractical. :)

  4. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for sharing your words. Thank you for what you wrote about being 'ThatKid'. I think so many of us felt that way. Salty tears bled from my eyes for days.

  5. You are most welcome. Thank you for reading and finding your way through the tears.