Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Am

I am the child confused by the world.
The one who learned to disappear.

I am the daughter who never quite knew her place within the family.
The perfect child who just wanted to make everyone happy.

I am the Mother who grew up with her son.
The one who always found a way.

I am the writer struggling to find her voice.
The one who kept it hidden inside journal after journal.

I am the photographer who feels like a tourist.
The one searching to find her confidence in the composition.

I am the butch on the street.
The one that makes you wonder, “Is that a man or a woman?”

I am the dyke on the bike.
The one moving fluidly between genders.

I am everyone’s brother and no one’s lover.
A solitary being with a simple desire to love and be loved.

I am unlocking the doors.
Dismantling the walls.

I am learning to love myself.
Living out loud.



  1. I LOVE this....finding your way, finding your voice, sharing your care, doing it with flare, bold to live so as to dare....each nuance closer to you, closer to the core of your strength, living each moment, no regret...