Thursday, December 23, 2010

Becoming Whole

The Universe has ways of getting its point across.  I’ve been battling with myself over the direction I’ve taken with my life and finances lately and have continuously received message after message just like this from the Universe.  Don’t be perfect, be whole. 

Since I’m not working at the moment I took the afternoon ‘off’ in an attempt to just rest and ended up watching both the Ellen and the Oprah show.  Yes.  Daytime television.  It sort of reminded me of being home with my Mom during my last visit.  She watches a lot of those programs during the day since she’s been recovering from one surgery after the other. 

Oprah’s guest today was Jane Fonda.  I sort of half-heartedly watched as I knitted the scarf I’m working on to donate to the Handmade Especially For You project.  Yes. I knit.  It’s very meditative.  I feel productive while I’m meditating.  Yes.  That’s not the point of meditation but it works for me. 

Ms. Fonda was talking about her life in it’s “3rd Act” and how she’s finally learned that life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being whole.  Don’t be perfect, be whole.  Then Oprah said something along the lines of wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone actually heard you and shifted from the get, get, get, more, more, more as an idea of success in life and just focused on becoming whole and in so doing became successful?

In this society, in this world, being whole takes so much courage.  Courage and determination.  Determination to live outside of the lines and to create a life that makes you happy, which in turn makes those who are around you happy.  I know these things to be true for myself and I continue to fight through the conditioning of get more, make more in order to be more.  It takes a lot of strength and courage and a hell of a lot of support from those around you. 

Encouraging words go a long way in this journey.   I’ve received so many and for that I am so grateful.  Just the other day my birthmother, who is an amazing minister and who began writing a book a few months ago, told me over the phone that I inspire her.  This blog and my writing inspires her to just get it all out.  To be open and honest with the world about who she is.  Needless to say, I was deeply touched.  That was so unexpected to hear.  She’s inspired me so very often in my life.  I never thought it would ever be the other way around. 

Little messages like this from those around me, from the Universe, keep me on this path.  They keep me honest with myself and in turn I am honest with the world about who I am in hopes that it will inspire others to be true to themselves, to be whole.  Listen to those messages.  They are sometimes hard to hear but they are there. 

Don’t be perfect, be whole.


  1. Very nicely written and insightful, reflective and introspective.

    Kudos on the scarf. I hate knitting scarves and much prefer cowls! Scarves feel like they take FOREVER!

    Happy Holidays and wishing you a WHOLE bunch of joy...

  2. Good blog Wendi. It's a really good reminder and I appreciate you taking the time to post it.

  3. Thank you both. Happy holidays to you!

  4. Thanks, I really needed to read that today. Much much appreciated.

  5. Very nice, thank you for sharing and please keep writing/inspiring the world around you. I'm not even sure how I ended up reading this but I'm sure to read more.

  6. I really like that concept of wholeness versus perfection. It's something I know way back in my mind, but I always need the reminder. Thanks.

  7. You're welcome, G. Thank you for reading.

    Thank you, Anonymous reader. I will certainly do my best. Thank you for reading.

  8. I needed to read this today. Thank you. <3