Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Photo Project - Day 1

Home Brew

I've been contemplating beginning a 365 Day Photo Project this year and decided yesterday to go ahead with it.  Since it was January 1st, it seemed like a good day to begin.  Each day I will take and post at least one photo documenting my year in pictures.  I'm late posting this due to a major meltdown last night so you will see another post later tonight when I have today's photo ready.

I'm determined to stick with it as a way to practice and perfect my craft.  It will also be a good way to journal this year and help me find my focus.  I will still continue with my regular blog posts about life and my journey along the way.  It's just that now you'll get at least one post a day.

The above photo was shot at my friends house yesterday afternoon.  They invited me over to brew beer with them and I jumped at the opportunity.  My one and only venture into brewing beer at home didn't turn out so well so I was willing to learn exactly how it's done with fresh base, hops and yeast.  I'm looking forward to tasting the outcome of it in February when they plan to have a party and share it with friends.

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  1. That sounds like a really fun idea! I'm excited to see the result.