Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Own Space In The World

Back in 2005 I rented this adorable little two bedroom house in Northeast Portland.
I adored this house and made it my own when I moved in.  I didn't have much when I moved in but I didn't really need much.  The house was all of 800 square feet but I loved every inch of it.  
I had a small television and my books and even a plant or two.
Most of the artwork was given to me by my amazingly talented and artsy friends.  When I threw my housewarming party before I even moved in I asked everyone to bring me a piece of art made by them, if they so choose, to bless my home with.  Having their art around my house made me feel surrounded by my friends, as well. 
I added my family photos and the funky furniture I bought from friends or co-workers and the place started to feel like my own.  Very bachelor pad like. 
With the motorcycle helmets around it was definitely mine.  (Nevermind the fact that I wanted to try and get my motorcycle into the living room during the winter so I could work on it.)
Finally, I always have to have a space for my altar.  Once that was found and my things put up, the house was definitely mine. 

A year later I moved out of that house.

Five years later I've found myself in a sort of transient way of living due to different life circumstances and situations.  Transient, scattered, lacking roots is a better way to describe it. 

Well, this past week I found my new space and my transient way of living is finally over.  It's an adorable little studio apartment in Southeast Portland and it's mine.  All mine.

There's a room that is large enough to turn into my bedroom and a sitting area.  I plan on separating the two with a curtain of fabric.  Not sure what color yet.  Maybe a forest green or burgundy.   
Off of the room is a really large bathroom.  There's room in there to fit a full sized dresser!  It's HUGE!  The shower is pretty awesome, too.  There are cute little built-ins, as well, but you can't see them in this photo.

Separate from the room and up a few stairs is a full sized kitchen complete with full sized appliances and room for a small dinning room table.  It really is an amazingly large space for a studio and, again, it's mine.  Mine to do with what I wish.  The landlord will even let me paint the walls if I want to! 

I've spent this past week moving into the space and trying to figure out what I need for it.  I plan on spending tomorrow trying to organize it and get things put away.  There's a little bit of cleaning that needs to be done, as well.  Plus, I have all of my art pieces that I want to find spaces for! 

It seems a little odd, perhaps, but having my own space in this world is important to me.  More so than I let myself believe these past few years.  Also, knowing that I am healed enough mentally to be in my own space again is so important.  Having that craving again was a good sign for me.  I am happy to be back and, well, just happy. 

Life is good.


  1. We're glad you're back and happy too, Wendi. May your home be a blessed place that nurtures your soul and heals your spirit.