Monday, August 22, 2011

"Am I in your way Sir?"

So, the other day I stopped in at a grocery store out in the burbs near my work to pick up something for lunch before heading to work.  I'm in my usual wear: jeans, boots and a gray t-shirt that says "FOOTBALL" on the front of it.  No hat.  Sunglasses on top of my head. 

As I'm standing in front of the 'Grab & Go' case the woman stocking the case asks me, "Am I in your way Sir?"  Immediately I think, "Should I say anything or just nod?  I'm just not in the mood for profuse apologies."  Speaking would more likely get them whereas just nodding would let the moment pass peacefully.  I found myself saying, in somewhat of a deeper voice then I actually have, "Oh no. I'm just not sure what I want."  Then my hand went up to my chest and I sort of beat on it with a flat palm.  You know how guys do sometimes?  Almost like I was beating on my chest because my voice didn't sound right.  Like I had a cold or something.  Or it was some sort of primal Tarzan thing.  Who knows? 

Her response to me was simply, "Ok. Let me know if I can move out of your way or get you anything."  I thank her and go about grabbing my food, paying for it and walking out of the store.  All the while thinking, "I just passed for a guy even after I spoke.  Cool!" 

Why was it cool?  I'm not a trans guy so I'm not really trying to pass as a guy but there have been times when passing was just easier and most definitely safer.  On this occasion, though, I think it was more about affirming my masculinity. 

I have to say, it felt pretty damn good.


  1. Congrats, sir!

    Must be somethin' in the air, I just put up a post about the opposite situation in my own life... hm...

  2. HA! I just read your post! There must be something in the air!

  3. With the exception of the bathroom scene, I would rather stay under the radar and go with the flow. Now the apologies bother me more than being called sir. Plus, I can't help to think I'm getting away with something too, so yes, it's kinda cool.

  4. I hear ya! It's the apologies that really bother me. They really don't have to apologize because, really, if I didn't want to be called 'sir' I'd grow my hair out and start wearing dresses.

  5. very cool.. I think you were right to just go with it, since it didn't offend your sense of identity. very cool very cool