Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun With Stats & Lingerie

I just discovered through my blog stats that the phrase "do butches like their femmes to wear lingerie" was used in a Google search and that search somehow lead to my blog.

Let me just answer that question right here and now.  THIS butch sure does!

Anyone else want to answer it, as well?


  1. My girl is a chapstick femme at most (on days I'd even call her a femme, which isn't every day), and I love her in lingerie. Or not. Nothing also works.

  2. That's cute. My stats shoot up regularly over the phrase red energy (I did a blog post almost two years ago where a friend gave me an energy reading and saw a lot of red in my aura); and the name Claudia Black. Other than that, it's either regulars or spambots. Clearly, I need to write more about them ole' unmentionables. LOL

  3. I love wearing lingerie for my butch. Her eyes light up and she feels loved. :)