Thursday, November 10, 2011

Making A Difference

I am proud to say that I am a regular on the call list at the Red Cross.  My blood type, O+, is pretty popular, from what they tell me so i get a call every couple of months.  I've been donating for about 22 years now, off and on.

For the past few years there have been times when I've tried to donate and my iron level has been too low so they've sent me away with the list of foods to eat that are rich in iron.  I understand why they can't take my blood at that point but I'm always disappointed when I leave.  Sure, I missed out on the stick of the needle and the slight pain in my arm the few hours afterwords, but I didn't get to contribute.  I didn't get to make a difference and help save a life.

Today I am grateful for my iron level being high enough to donate!  Thanks to lots of lentils, legumes and kale I was able to just barely make it over the threshold required to donate.


  1. This is great - I would like to start donating. I'm O negative, so I'm considered a universal donor...

    Love what you do!

  2. You should! It's my understanding that only 37% of the population is eligible to donate but only 10% do so go donate if you can!