Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Other Blogs

This morning I spent some time reading through other blogs that I subscribe to in my Google Reader and came across a couple that articulated the things that I've been thinking about off and on lately.

On her blog "can I help you sir?", G talked about doctor visits and how she tries to avoid them because of the reactions she experiences while there.  I can relate to every thing she talks about in this post.  Those reasons are why I've been taking my time finding a doctor through my newly gained health insurance.  Honestly, it's more like dragging my feet.  Doctor visits have always been a horrible experience for me.

Then, over on Patriarchy Party Crasher bee listy ranted a bit about feminists who are transphobic.  Yes, the gap between the Butch community and the trans community is still there and, as I talked about in my post, Thoughts On Our Butch & Transgender Community, we need to stop tearing each other apart and focus that energy on coming together to move forward.

Today I am grateful for the blogging community, the dialog it creates and for simply knowing there are others out there who think and experience things the way I do.  Sometimes it really helps to not feel so alone. 

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