Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Real Goodness

This morning I was awoken by the wonderful smells of coffee and food wafting through my girlfriend's house.  As I lay there snuggled under the warm comforter, I debated whether to try to go back to sleep or get up and help her make breakfast.  Shortly after dozing off for another few minutes awoke to see her standing by the bed with a plate full of food, two cups of freshly brewed coffee and the book I have been reading (Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol).  She made a wonderful breakfast and we enjoyed every delicious bite and sip in bed this morning while snuggled under the comforter surrounding by her fur kids.

This afternoon, before I had to leave for work, we spent a few hours snuggling on the couch chatting then watching an episode of Being Human (the BBC version) while eating quesadillas. 

Simple moments.  Sweet moments.  For these moments, I am grateful. 

For this time that I have been blessed with basking in her light and enjoying her presence in my life, I am grateful. 

Truly grateful.

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