Monday, January 30, 2012

The End of The 15 Day Reboot - We Did It!

We did it!!! Fifteen days of juicing and fruits and vegetables on the reboot! Yesterday was our last day and I feel pretty good about following through with that commitment to myself.

This morning we rewarded ourselves with a zucchini, broccoli, onion, garlic, goat cheese and bacon omelet with fruit and coffee. The meal was about seventy to eighty percent fruits and vegetables so we were able to have our reward and still keep our portion size in the range where we want it. It was delicious!

I have to say, I missed coffee so much. I'm interested to see if I'm extra sensitive to the caffeine and sugar since being off of both for the past three weeks. So far, I'm not feeling any different. I'm debating whether to stop at one cup or have a little more. Right now I'm pretty full though so I may stick with water for the rest of the day.

I couldn't help but snap a photo of breakfast to share with all of you! Thank you for all of your encouraging words through these past few weeks! They've helped me get to a healthier me! You all rock!!!


  1. Why not skip the sugar now that you've gone through the detox already?

  2. Well, it could also be asked then, why not skip the caffeine now that I've detoxed, as well. But, my intention with this is to keep the caffeine and the refined sugar to this one cup of coffee in the morning since detoxing. I can still have my comfort food, coffee with cream and sugar, but in moderation and with the idea that I'll detox from it every few months.

    It may seem like a waste of time but if I can still have my comfort food, my attachment to coffee, I'm willing to do it.

  3. Congrats!!!! Also, that looks like an awesome breakfast. Also, I love the coffee mug!!!

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  5. Wow, congratulations! You guys are awesome :)
    I'm going to check it out!