Friday, July 20, 2012

My Style of Wedding Photography

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing an incredibly sweet, small and simple wedding for two wonderful people, Diane and Michelle. It's the third wedding I've photographed and I am very much enjoying watching the progress of my photography.

I'm not the typical wedding photographer in that I don't do all of the set up shots, although I'm feeling as though I could make that happen at this point, as well. (I won't make the wedding party jump up in the air though. Unless they really want to.) For this wedding, the only shot that I set up was this one:

Most of my shots are candid shots. I have discovered that I have a unique ability to observe. I am a people watcher and always have been. That power of observation combined with my empathic abilities helps me to see things that some, or most, people do not.  I use that to my advantage to capture shots like this:

Diane & Michelle

Or this:

And this:

My ultimate goal is to capture those moments that are filled with emotion. Moments that tell the story of that day or that love or those people. I believe that a photograph should tell a story.

Wedding days are filled with so much love and joy that it almost makes it too easy. Almost.


  1. Gorgeous shots that capture so much! You truly do have something extra special!!

  2. I love your style - looked at them ALL on FB. I loved that they weren't posed, or stiff, or anything that seemed unnatural, or (excuse me) photographed. It was like being taken to the event. That said, I think my all-time favorite stand-out was the little girl twirling. This is not to dismiss the other photos in any way, not at all! It's just like when you go home from the musical and there's that one song you walk out the theater singing - that photo was that for me. The whole event in a nutshell - a young girl twirling around from happiness. Yeah.