Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All The Things!

I was reminded last week that I haven't even been back in Portland for 6 months yet. Almost, but not quite yet. In those almost-not-quite 6 months I have done so many things and gone on so many adventures!

Since I landed in Portland on December 4th of last year I have:

-Spent many weekends at my girlfriend's family's house on the Nastucca River
-Attended several holiday parties
-Took a self defense class
-Saw the Zoo Lights at the Oregon Zoo with my family
-Watched several movies in the theater including Allegiance, Star Wars Rogue One, Moana, Lion, Arrival, Lala Land, Fences, Hell or High Water, and Kedi
-Went sledding on Mt. Hood and in Portland where we had more than a foot of snow!
-Rang in the New Year on the coast
-Attended the Women's March in Washington DC
-Walked through the Holocaust Museum and the African-American History Museum while in Washington DC
-Went on a wine tasting weekend in Lyle, Washington
-Attended concerts at the Schnitzer including Kodo and Storm Large (who we also saw in Cannon Beach!)
-Attended a production of Swan Lake at the Keller
-Spent Valentine's Day spoiling my girl with a night at the historic Heathman hotel and that Storm Large concert
-Spent the weekend in Astoria to attend the Dark Arts (dark beer) festival - a Christmas gift from my girl
-Traveled to Olympia, Washington to visit friends and family
-Lots of dinners and coffees with friends and family
-So far have done 18 hikes out of a 52 hike challenge for the year
-Spent a long weekend in the Olympic National Forest in a tiny home
-Did a 13.9 mile solo hike in the Columbia Gorge
-Took a few guitar lessons
-Flew to Pasco, Washington and road tripped to Bend, Oregon
-Spent a weekend in Bend, Oregon 

All done in the last almost-not-quite 6 months! Most with my girl, of course. I adore her sense of adventure and desire to suck the marrow out if this life. We have the best times together. Her presence in my life and her love are such beautiful gifts. I am so blessed.

Another adventure coming up this weekend and I am so excited! I love making every weekend a mini vacation! Specially with her. 


  1. We have had so much fun since you got home! I love that you are always up for an adventure and that you are always game for trying something new, or going someplace new. <3