Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hey There! It's Been A While!

Wow. It's so crazy for me to click over to this blog and still see so many hits on it even after not writing for over a year. Whomever you are out there who continues to read this blog and check out my photo project, thank you.

Of course, I guess it could just be bots, but shit. It's still nice to see all of those hits on my stats page. Maybe I really did put something out there into the ether that matters.


Anyway, so, no promises but I'm thinking about coming back to this space and adding more to it. I like the other blog I created but it feels like it only really serves one purpose and that's to record some of my experiences over here on the East Coast. This blog feels more....I don't know....authentic, life like, real. That's the stuff I'm trying to come back to in my writing. I've been so far removed from it for so long now and feel like I'm, maybe not quite there yet, but, moving in that direction. Which feels good.

I'm still on the East Coast, until May 2017, then I'll move back to Portland. I'm homesick, missing my family and friends and need to make more trips down to help my parents out in Southern California. So, that's the plan.

Still single and learning more and more about myself every day. It's been an incredible two years filled with so much internal growth. I look forward to more. I'm also learning that my idea of relationships (the romantic kind) is changing and hope to write more about that soon. 

I dropped out of Facebook land a couple months ago by deleting my account. Most of my social media accounts were also deleted aside from my Instagram and Flickr. Oh, and I have Google+ by way of GMail but don't use it all that often. The reason for dropping out of the social media world was more of a mental health thing than anything else. I needed my world to quiet down.

The "hoopla" over the project died down after about a year. I still, on occasion, am asked to be quoted in online articles about the butch/femme dynamic, which is nice. The book is still available over on Amazon, which is also nice. I'm grateful I was able to do the project. It took so much out of me, though, that I haven't really picked up my camera since. Today I'm taking it in to Boston to play so I'm finally coming back around to it.

So, I know some of you who followed this blog in the past are from my past and may not want to continue to follow it, so here's the heads up. I love you and wish you all only the biggest of joy, love and happiness. Also, I miss you.

So, hey, I've gotten back into eating healthy and working out at the gym again at least 3 days a week, most weeks more. My Instagram has a few gym photos, although, I haven't quite gotten to the point where I can join in on #flexfriday, but I'm working on it. I do feel much better and a wee bit smaller around the waist so that's nice. My knees are much happier, too.

Hope you've all been well and happy. We'll see where this goes.

Happy Saturday!