Monday, January 23, 2012

Shout Outs To Some Awesome Butch Blogs

In reading through my Google blog reader feed this morning, I realized that I haven't given any shout outs to my butch brethren out there in the blog-o-sphere.  There are some pretty awesome butch blogs out there who focus more on the butch aspect of being in the world, whereas I just do so when I'm feeling it.  So for those of you searching the web for more butch content, check out these blogs!

Butch Wonders - For some tips on what to buy the butch in your life, how to pick out clothing and cuff links and thoughts and ideas around why all butches aren't trans, click on over there.

Buzz Cuts & Bustiers - Bren and Maddie talk about everything you've every wanted to know about butches and femmes including the best choices in butch underwear!  Don't miss out on the Beaver Whisperer posts, either!  Click on over!

"Can I Help You Sir?" has a great series of Butch 360 where she asks readers and other bloggers to chime in on the topic at hand.

Kyle over at Butchtastic has lots of interesting reads about being butch, being trans and being kinky.  Definitely check it out!

If you don't believe butches can cook, check out A Butch In The Kitchen.  She even posts all kinds of delicious recipes to try complete with beautiful photos!

Max over at Pretty Butch has some great reads about breaking into show business as a butch.  One of my favorite posts is coming out butch over, and over again.

Personally, I'm good with jeans and a t-shirt or the occasional dress pants with a button down, but if butch fashion is your thing, check out The Bois Department.

Finally, last but certainly not least, is the amazingly talented (and editor of the first book I'll be published in!) Sinclair Sexsmith over at Sugarbutch Chronicles.  You'll find everything from tips for the new butch to writing dirty and lots of dirty writing. 

Many thanks to my butch brethren out there in the blog-o-sphere for your inspiration and encouragement to continue on my path and to take pride in who I am.  I am grateful for you and your strength. 


  1. Aw, thanks mucho for the shout-out! Love back at ya.

  2. thanks for the shout out! You're pretty awesome yourself

  3. You're welcome!


  4. Hey, I appreciate you including me in this list. The more butch blogs, the better! Thanks.

  5. I read some of these and I really enjoy them - thanks for the list!

    Also, best wishes on the finishing of your juice fast. You and your girlfriend are very inspiring!

  6. Good stuff here and pretty much lost my whole afternoon in them. I blame you. :)