Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 9 of The Juice Fast - I Haven't Given Up Yet!

Yesterday was filled with lots more of those wicked cravings I told you about in my last post. I even considered breaking the fast tonight while at work but I think I can make it through the next couple of days of the fast so I'm going to give it my best.

A couple of motivating factors for me have been reminders from and talking with my girlfriend and also finally making myself a priority. I've wanted to give up these last few days but my girl and I have been good about reminding each other that we've chosen to do this for our health and that we can choose to eat those other things. For some reason, having that choice makes it easier to continue. Also, if I gave up now I'm not sure I'd get the full benefit out of it. This was a 15 day commitment that I made to myself and I'd really like to follow through with it.

I don't often make commitments to myself and when I do, I don't often follow through. Really taking a look at that, I can tell that it's a part of how I feel about myself. If I made a commitment to someone else I would do my absolute best to follow through. But I'm not that committed to myself which shows that I don't think as much of myself as I do others. That has to change. A part of changing that is following through with this commitment to myself around my health.

I made it through the yesterday by looking ahead at all of the delicious recipes coming up in the next week. I was really worried that I'd be eating the same soups and other baked things as I did during the first five days. They all started to taste the same and I really wasn't looking forward to that again. Thankfully, all of the recipes are different, except the salads which is totally fine. I can deal with that.

For the most part, I did my best to give my brain a rest around the processing part of this. The thing that did come up for me yesterday, though, was missing the ritual of preparing a meal with my girl and sitting down to enjoy it. In spite of what I may tell myself and others about cooking, I do like to cook, specially for others. It does make me happy. Not just cooking for them but sitting down to the meal and enjoying it with them. Juicing really doesn't allow for that, but it's made me appreciate it more.

Tonight is my first of only two nights at work during this fast. With some gentle reminders to myself I can hopefully make it through the night without throwing in the towel and driving down the street to the grocery store.

Oh, and, since starting this 15 day commitment to my health, I've lost 10 pounds. Go me!


  1. I'm curious about your there a place where I could read more about it?

  2. Yes! I should have posted that at the beginning! Check out They have a few different types of reboots and meal plans to go with them so it makes it really simple to do. My girl and I found this site from the movie "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead", which is streaming on Netflix right now if you're interested!

  3. That's great, thank you! I'm going to go take a look.