Thursday, December 1, 2011


Photo by me.  Salmon River in Oregon.
December has become one of my favorite months!  Last night towards the end of my shift I looked at my phone and noticed that it was December 1st and this big smile came across my face. 

It used to be that I would start to feel a bit down around this time of year and there have been years where I let it get the best of me.  Huge transitional years tend to bring the winter/holiday blues.  But, not this year!  This year I am happy to see December and all that it brings!

Perhaps I like December because of all of the twinkly lights the holidays bring, or the winter storms that make for cozy nights, or the snow covered mountains that surround this beautiful city.  I'm not one who celebrates Christmas but I do celebrate the Winter Solstice.  Giving gifts and celebrating the change of seasons feels wonderful.

Included in this month is my birthday, which used to be a bit tension filled because it lands so close to the holidays but after almost 42 years, I'm over it.  Now it's another reason to be happy about the month!  I can pretend on my birthday that the twinkly lights are for me!  Plus, this year I turn 42 which we all know is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe and everything!  (I love that book!)

Then there's the promise of a new year just around the bend.  A chance to start over, to wipe the proverbial slate clean and make the best of a new year.  It's like a blank page.  So many possibilities!

Whatever it is that makes me happy about this month, I'm just glad it's here. 

Cheers to December!

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