Saturday, April 20, 2013

Travel Plans So Far

To say making travel plans and coordinating with multiple people is difficult would be quite the understatement. This is something I have learned quite quickly. But, I'm learning how to move through it and solidify plans so I have my first crazy travel adventure lined up. It happens the first week in May and it goes a little something like this: (deep breath)

  • On Saturday, May 4th I will be flying from Portland, OR to Salt Lake City, UT arriving in the afternoon with a shoot scheduled shortly thereafter.
  • On Sunday, May 5th I will fly from Salt Lake City to Denver, CO and have two, possibly three photo shoots that day then dinner with friends who live in the area. I will stay the night in Denver.
  • On Monday, May 6th I will fly (early in the morning!) from Denver to Madison, WI and will drive from Madison, WI to Waukesha, WI to do a shoot there at 2pm. After that shoot I will drive to Chicago, IL for an evening shoot and will stay the night in Chicago.
  • On Tuesday, May 7th I will drive from Chicago, IL to Ferndale, MI for a shoot at 1pm. From Ferndale I'll drive in to Detroit to catch a flight at 5:30pm to Toronto, ON, Canada. I will stay the night in Toronto.
  • On Wednesday, May 8th I have a morning shoot about an hour outside of Toronto at 10am and possibly another shoot in the afternoon before checking in at the Toronto airport at 5pm for a 7:30pm flight to Albany, NY where I get in around 11pm. I will stay the night in Albany.
  • On Thursday, May 9th I will drive to Mohawk, NY for a shoot at Noon. After that shoot I will drive to Niagara Falls, NY for a shoot at 6pm. I will stay the night in Niagara Falls.
  • On Friday, May 10th I will drive to Long Island, NY for a 4pm shoot. I will stay the night in Long Island.
  • On Saturday, May 11th I will drive to Long Branch, NJ for a 10am shoot then after that shoot I will drive to Florence, MA for a 3pm shoot. After that shoot I will drive to Boston, MA and stay the night.
  • On Sunday, May 12th I will be in Boston, MA and a morning shoot, a Noon shoot and a 2pm shoot. Then I will check in at Boston Logan at 3pm and fly out of Boston at 5:20pm to land back in Portland, OR at 10:39pm.
  • On Monday, May 13th at 10am I am back to work at my non-photography job.  
(Fourteen cities and sixteen photo shoots in nine days!)

I also have a trip scheduled the weekend of June 21st and will be going to Dallas and Houston, TX for a couple (so far!) of photo shoots and I'm hoping to schedule more for that area.

Then, in August I'll be down in the Bay Area (Oakland) for a photo shoot or two and to attend Butch Voices. I'm hoping to get some images while at the conference, as well. I'll also get to meet up with one of my favorite photographers, Syd London, while I'm there! 
I'm working on a trip down to Florida and a trip down to Southern California, as well. Details to come!

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