Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What Every Butch Should Know

Sinclair Sexsmith
Photo by Syd London
Sinclair Sexsmith who is a writer, performer, student and teacher of sex, gender & relationships, posted on her blog this morning an amazing piece that she wrote titled Unsolicited Advice to a New Butch (aka The Butch Poem).

I first heard this piece when she read it at the Butch Voices Conference here in Portland last year and was blown away.  Once the conference was over I sent her an email asking her if she'd posted it anywhere because I kept feeling the need to read and and re-read it and share it with everyone I know.  At the time, she was still working on refining it and wasn't quite ready to completely share it with the world so I respectfully waited for this day.

I am so pleased to share this piece with you now!

Please, take a few moments to click over to her blog and read this wonderful and amazing piece.  Whether you're Butch or Femme or neither or both, I promise that you won't regret it.

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