Friday, February 18, 2011

What's In A Name?

I've been asked quite a bit about my name ever since changing it back in 2001. 

My last name is a chosen name. 

When my son was around the age of 9, my then girlfriend and I decided that it would be best if all of us had the same last name.  We weren't particularly connected to the names we had at the time and if anything happened to my son and she had to pick him up no one would ask questions.  So, we decided to use a book called 365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To The Magic And Inspiration of The Goddess to find our new last name.  We wanted it to have meaning. 

Each one of us read through the book and chose a name that we thought might be fitting.  Then we would show all three choices to our friends and family and ask them which one they thought fit us best.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to recall which names she and I choose buy my son choose Kali.  All of our friends chose Kali, as well.  The Kali family was 'born'.

Turns out, it was perfect for us. 

This is what the book said about Kali.


February 24
Festival of Shiva (India)


Themes: Rebirth; Cycles; Joy; Courage; Hope; Cleansing; Change

Symbols: Flowers; Dance; Iron; Sword; Peacock Feathers; Honey

About Kali: Kali, a Hindu goddess whose name means “time”, is the genetrix of natural forces that either build or destroy.  Even in destruction, however, she reminds us that good really can come of bad situations.  If you find your hopes and dreams have been crushed, Kali can change the cycle and produce life out of nothingness.  Where there is sorrow, she dances to bring joy.  Where there is fear, she dances in courage.

To Do Today: Hindus gather today at Shiva’s temples to honor his celestial dance of creation, and Kali dances with them in spirit.  Beforehand, they fast and bathe in holy waters for purification.  Doing similarly (in your tub or shower) will purge your body and soul of negitive influences.  Add some flower petals or sweet perfume to the bath to invoke Kali’s cleansing power.
            To invoke Kali’s assistance in bringing new life to stagnant projects or ruined goals, leave her an offering of honey or flowers, and make this Kali amulet: Take any black cloth and wrap it around a flower dabbed with a drop of honey, saying:
            Kali, turn, dance, and change.
            Fate rearrange.
            End the devastation and strife;
            What was dead return to life.

            Carry this with you until the situation changes, then bury it with thankfulness.

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