Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life Is Good

My first week back at FedEx has been filled with re-training.  It's all regulatory stuff that I'm required to retrain in, since I'm working around aircraft on Port of Portland property, so it was all easy stuff for me.  It's great to be back and I'm really looking forward to having those benefits again.  My goal with this job is to eventually get into a courier or truck driving gig and stay with the company as long as I possibly can.  So, for the next year or so I'll be learning as much as I can and possibly getting my commercial driver's license in order to be ready when something comes up. 

As far as my writing goes, I haven't been doing too much of it because of the busy-ness of life at the moment.  Which happens.  I do my best not to beat myself up over not writing as much and not blogging enough, either.  I have been journaling a bit in my Moleskine journal though.  It's so nice to put actual pen to paper sometimes.  Although, I find my thoughts traveling much quicker than my hand and tend to loose them before they are scribbled across the page. 

I still am in a state of mis-belief when I think about being published this Fall.  I think when the copy of the book is in my hand and I see my name on the page I may begin to believe it then.  Honestly, I'm not sure. 

This past Friday I awoke to a pleasant surprise over on the Butch Lab web site.  My mini interview was chosen and posted for the week!  What's interesting is I could answer those questions again now, a few months later, and my answers would be slightly different.  Probably not too much but different nonetheless.  

Lately my life has been in a state of transition and I'm surprised at my calmness through it all.  I'm feeling a bit transient as far as the home life goes.  Add the job change to that and I should be in a state of uneasiness but I'm not.  The new job is a permanent fixture in my life.  It isn't a temporary gig that I'm hoping to keep for a certain amount of time.  This is the job that I wanted to get back when I walked away from the accounting life and began focusing on my authentic self.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that this transition isn't filled with any sort of uncertainty so it feels good and I'm not only calm about it but happy about it. 

The home life still feels a bit transient, though, but I think it's more of a feeling of scattered-ness.  Some of my stuff is at this house, some of it is at that house and there's some of it over there, too.  Since I began rooming with others I've lost a small sense of my own space, my own schedule and just...roots. 

If I'm being honest with myself I haven't had that sense of roots since I lived in the little yellow house in NorthEast Portland back in 2005.  Ever since then my living situation has been very transient like.  Six years later and I'm feeling pretty done with this sort of living.  My son is about to graduate from college in June and we're talking about getting a place together while he works here in town for a bit.  Of course, that will depend on whether or not he lands a job here or if he lands one elsewhere.  It would be nice to get that extra time with him before he takes off into the world and creates his own life. 

Speaking of my son, I couldn't be more proud of him.  This past week I attended a public viewing of an animation he completed for one of his classes and it was amazing.  He's submitted it to a local animation festival so I don't want to post it until I have permission from him to do so, but I have to say that it really is an amazing and very sweet piece.  What can I say?  The kid's got talent!

I want so badly to talk about the other amazing person in my life at the moment but we're only 7 weeks into dating and I'm afraid I'll gush a bit too much.  I've been doing my best to bite my tongue and go into this with open eyes, mind and heart.  What I will say is that I'm amazed, wooed and in awe of her.  The stuff that I didn't think existed actually does.  She matches and compliments my old fashioned ways perfectly and I'm very much looking forward to spending more time with her.

All in all, life is good.  Very good, indeed.


  1. :::standing and clapping:::, nicely done!

  2. I love hearing about things going well for someone. So often we only talk about the negative, forgetting to bring the positive to light.

    Congratulations on getting things in alignment! I'm sure your housing situation will resolve as you want it to... it's all going the right direction!

  3. I love the last paragraph especially, Wendi. I am so happy for you to have found this wonderful woman to compliment you and your life.
    Enjoy every single moment of that wonderful new love feeling so it can grow and deepen to an amazing relationship~