Sunday, July 3, 2011

Job Changes & Being Appreciated

©Wendi Kali 2011
It’s been a crazy few weeks, to say the least.  The Universe seemed to have other plans for me as far as jobs go and I admit that I’m happy that it did.  Originally, I was hoping to get another part-time job to fill in where FedEx couldn’t at the moment then I moved to finding a full-time job back in the accounting field in order to take advantage of my education and background to eventually just get out of debt. 

Then a few weeks ago one of the companies that I worked for while I was doing warehouse temp work towards the beginning of the year called me out of the blue and asked me if I’d be willing to work for them on an ‘on call’ basis.  I told them I’d be happy to and explained my job hunting situation.  The next day they called me back and offered me a full-time lead position doing Quality Assurance type work making more per hour then what FedEx was giving me, fully paid health benefits for myself and my son, and a four tens work week on swing shift.  They said they really valued my work ethic.  After mulling it over that following weekend I went in and accepted their offer.  The next day I gave my notice at FedEx and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been working three jobs.  Doing QA work during the day, FedEx in the evening and washing dogs at a friends grooming shop Saturday mornings.  Needless to say, it’s been an exhausting couple of weeks so today I am giving myself permission to hold down the couch and just be.

Yesterday I walked out of the FedEx building for the last time.  Chances are, I won’t be back.  As I worked my last shift yesterday I seemed to be in this state of taking it all in.  Savoring those things about the job that I enjoyed and simply making a note of those things that I didn’t so much enjoy.  I’ll miss working with the aircraft and the equipment and some of the people.  Plus, I have to say, it felt like such a butch type job, too.  Pushing and pulling around huge containers that weighed thousands of pounds, marshalling aircraft into the gates, driving the tugs and beltloaders around the tarmac, operating the loaders…it was a really cool job!  But, the reality of it is, my body is not what it used to be and the constant state of pain while trying to keep up with the young guys I was working with was, quite honestly, stressing me out.  I’m not sure that I could have continued with it for as long as I needed to while waiting for something full-time to open up. 

It was my third time working there and I feel a bit of guilt for that for some strange reason.  The company invested money for me to train and retrain those three times I left and came back, but, on the other hand, it’s their internal requirement to do so and it was their choice to take me back all those times.  So, my guilt is my own, really. 

When I went back to work for the company where I’m now working full-time everyone was so happy to see me and welcomed me back with open arms.  It’s a small, family owned company that treats its employees like family.  The owners even came over and gave me a welcome back hug.  Although I'm a bit sad to leave FedEx, I am very happy with my decision and am very much looking forward to not only having a full-time job again but also having a set schedule with three day weekends, the ability to pay my bills and have time during the day to write or shoot photographs again. 

It’s not a career but it’s a job at a company I can be happy with for who knows how long.  They appreciate me and I think, when it comes down to it, that’s what I both want and need right now.


  1. Hooray for you!!!

    This is very encouraging. My own job situation has taken a hard right turn into a ditch in the last few days, and I'm alternately sticking my head up to look at options, crying, and bitching about it. So it's good to read that unusual things can happen just from being open.

    Enjoy your job, and may it bring the relief you seek so that you can also do those creative pursuits you couldn't do when you had the career-type job.

  2. Thank you so much! My your own job situation work itself out just the way it's supposed to! (;

  3. I truly hope so. I alternate between hope and panic. It's a very strange rollercoaster. Thank you so much for the good wishes and your own great story.

  4. I think the key to good things coming from the Universe is that you didn't sit back and wait for something. You actively participated in the process, even by defining what you wanted. That makes a difference.

    And now; four tens, time for yourself, ability to pay your bills, good company to work for... sounds like this could work for you! Congrats!

  5. It does make a difference, indeed.

    Thanks! I'm very happy with it!