Friday, February 17, 2012


Soon after leaving my life as an accountant in 2010 I began to crave a new tattoo to signify that transition in my life.

I wanted something tribal like that took the form of wings.  Wings represent my courage to fly and to embrace my new found freedom.

The freedom to be me.  To fully accept myself and to soar through the rest of this life unapologetically me.  An artist, photographer, writer, butch, lover, partner, friend, Mother, daughter, sister, motorcycle rider, lesbian woman who is comfortable in her skin and confidently moving through this life one fully present moment at a time.

Yes, I continue to work on those last couple of things but I do continue to work on them and probably won't ever stop.  One of the many valuable things I've learned in this life so far is that self growth is a never ending process.

Part of this tattoo is covering up a piece I had done by the same artist just after getting out of a one year relationship.  I wanted so badly to cling to that relationship because of my past experiences with love.  Before getting into it I was convinced I'd never love again.  Looking back at it now, it all seemed overly dramatic.  Honestly, our emotions can take us to very strange places.  After all, it was a very short term relationship. But, perhaps I was also working through some things that I hadn't worked through during the ending of my prior relationship.  I'm not sure, really.  But, what's done is done.  The past is the past and it's best to take our lessons from it and move forward. 

I have since learned my lesson about relationship tattoos and although I don't regret having it done, my thinking at that time was not clear enough to have made that decision rationally.  I have decided to keep the color of the first tattoo showing in the negative spaces of the new tattoo as a reminder.

These are my wings in process.  

My wings of freedom. 

Freedom to be me.  


  1. Wow, showing your growth on your body - a beautiful thing.

  2. I relate to this so very well- wings and courage, flight and freedom- beautiful.

    It's a gorgeous design!

    I agree, self growth/discovery/acceptance is an ever flowing process.

  3. Aeria, indeed! Thank you!

    Unknown, thank you!

  4. I love that you are leaving the color of the previous tat visible as a reminder.

  5. Thank you. There is still meaning there despite what happened in the end. It's good to have that reminder.