Monday, July 9, 2012

Reading "First Ride"

Photo by Sinclair Sexsmith

Reading my story aloud last night in front of a kinky crowd and in the presence of so many amazingly talented authors made me finally realize that my writing is, well, good. 

Hearing the audiences reactions to certain places within the story and having people come up to me afterwords to tell me how much they loved my story and listening to me read it was amazing. I'm still thrown a bit when people ask me to sign the book. It's a very surreal feeling.

As much as my mind and my body resisted going last night, I am so glad I did because I needed that boost. 

I have some things to work on as far as reading this story aloud, such as more eye contact while I'm reading, but all in all I did pretty well. My girl and my friends said they couldn't tell I was nervous, which was good because my heart was racing.  Thankfully, I wasn't shaking. It's nice to know that I can keep myself collected on the outside while the bundle of nerves do their thing on the inside.

This morning I feel the motivation to write more. It's a motivation that hasn't shown it's face around here for a while. After listening to other authors read their stories, I'm also reminded that I need to go to readings more. It's a good place to find inspiration.

I think I'll go work on my memoir now.


  1. :) Very proud of you!!
    Mia Donnelly

  2. Woohoo, it worked out well then!! I hope you were able to get in some good writing time today!

  3. I am sincerely happy for your accomplishment.

  4. Glad you had such a great experience!

  5. i would so read your memoir...congrats a successful reading!

    1. Thanks! I'll hold you to that! (;

  6. Hooray!! I loved your story and it would be awesome to hear a reading by the author. Definitely work on that memoir!