Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Positive Side

In thinking about my post from yesterday and how I've been feeling these past few days, I think I need to take a moment to focus on what I have accomplished in this life so far because right now I feel like a complete failure.

Yes, I'm not sitting in a very attractive place and I have a lot to work on but do you know how I got here? By making the best decisions I knew how to at the time. 

I served our country in the Marines. I graduated from basic training #1 out of 100 women and I graduated from diesel mechanics training #3 out of 50 men. 

I raised a son who has grown up to be a very loving and compassionate and creative addition to this world. For seven years, between the ages of 2 and 9, I did it on my own. I was in my 20's back then, as well, and received no help financially from his Father.

I put myself through college to earn a Bachelor's degree. 

I put my son through college so he could earn a Bachelor's degree.

I became a published author. In an actual book.

I helped open a youth GLBTQI center in San Diego.

I served as treasurer for Southern Oregon GLSEN.

I helped start a women's professional football team in Portland that still exists for women who have always wanted to play full contact football.

I walked away from a job that was killing my soul and supported myself through odd jobs, walking dogs and taking photographs.

I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for a photo project that is very close to my heart. It funded $10,000 for my travels around the US and Canada.

I did what I needed to do to raise my son and to survive and I gave back to my community as well as I could. Now I get to take my turn in this life and find my happiness. I get to make that decision to go back to school and start on a new path and as my Mom pointed out, that is loving myself. 

There. That feels a bit better.


  1. That feels "a bit" better? Shit, you should be nominated for a life achievement award. Seriously, give yourself a huge pat on the back. And "thank you" from the rest of us.

  2. That's.....a lot. A whole lot!

    1. Thank you. I've found myself in this place where I'm comparing myself to others and I don't like it. It helps to focus on this, instead.

  3. You are awesome lady! I don't know you but you are one of many single mom's that have been through what you have been through and I respect you. Congrats on all of your accomplishments and to all of your future ones ahead! By the way, what book did you write? I would like to read it.

    1. Thank you! I haven't written an entire book yet, but I do have a short store in Sinclair Sexsmith's Say Please anthology. It's a naughty story.

  4. You are awesome and you've done amazing things ... and you will do more amazing things. Thank you for the reminder that it's good to stop and remember the positives periodically.