Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Writing Every Day

Photo by Kelly Durdel
I've been pretty busy with being scattered these past couple of months.  I've felt my creativity slowing slipping away so I started having talks with it.  Gently trying to coax it back little by little.  Then one day I heard it say to me, "How am I going to come back if you never take the time to sit down with me?"

It's true.  I haven't.  Haven't done much in the way of writing at all.  Back in the day, I would sit down every morning and do a daily ten minute free writing just to get things flowing.  For ten minutes straight I would write without stopping.  I'd write about anything that came to mind.  Much like I'm doing here.  Just keep it flowing to see where it takes me.  Often times I'd discover a blog post or a poem.  Something would inevitably appear after a while.  Sometimes daily, often times once a week.  But, I kept at it. 

You have to keep at it if you want anything good to come of it.  There's got to be some sort of daily practice in your art.  You have to give your creativity time and attention so that it gives you time and attention. 

I've been awfully worried about things I don't have much control over lately.  Giving my attention to them does nothing to help the situation and it draws attention away from the things I love.  I'd like to stop giving those things so much of my attention and start directing that attention to things that bring me joy.  Things that feed my creative side. 
  • Writing without pressure.  Pure writing that comes without the internal editor or the perceived external editors. 
  • Taking photographs of beautiful things.  Things that make me happy.
  • Reading books that feed my creativity and my vocabulary.  
  • Finding joy in everyday moments.
  • Loving without fear.
These are the things I wish to focus on starting today. 

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