Sunday, September 11, 2011


Last night I attended a Full Moon Gathering with some wonderful women out by the Columbia River.  It's become a monthly event with this group and it was my second time celebrating the full moon with them.  The theme last night was the Goddess. 

After spending some time sitting around chatting with a few of them while my sweetie and I knitted, we spent some time down on the bank of the river enjoying the moon and each other.  It was a wonderfully peaceful and beautiful evening. 

When we walked back up to the fire pit where all of the other women were gathered, one of them had a hand full of Goddess cards that she was letting everyone choose from as a party gift type of thing.  It was dark at this point so I choose to randomly pick a card from the deck.  She feathered them out for me to choose from so I closed my eyes, put both hands over the deck and choose one.

The card that I choose is pictured above.  The Goddess Kali.  If you're not sure of the significance of this, read this post about my name

On the back of the card are these words: "Unleash your passion, embrace it, and revel in the power of your flesh.  Do not fear your own fierceness - affirm it and soar!  We are warriors, and through history this attribute has often scared people.  Fierce women have been given harsh names.  Shed any shame in your fierceness.  Create your call of the wild - a howl or a scream - and choose a time to free your fire." 

This blew my mind.

This is what I call the Universal Synchronistic Postal System.  It delivers all kinds of messages and reminders if you're open to it and willing to listen. 


  1. I've always thought of Kali as the goddess of destruction. I forget she's all side of time and change. I used to have a group to celebrate with but havent found one in this part of the UK yet. I especially miss the company of other women on the solstice.
    Thanks for a great post that made me think about this, as it seems it's far too easier to put other things ahead of it.