Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An "aha" Moment

After reading through some pages online about the "Primal Wound" and a discussion on Facebook about those things, I tossed and turned most of the night thinking about it all. After meditating this morning, I sat down to write in my paper journal. I asked myself a series of questions that continuously popped into my mind all night and thought about all of the therapy I've experienced in my life.

"How do I change something that feels so instinctual? Will looking back in my past at my traumas help me heal and change that instinct? Or is it simply a matter of recognizing what's happening and changing it?" 

I also thought about the way I've "dealt" with these very same things in the past. I've done this research, I've dug up and talked about my childhood with therapists until I became frustrated because talking about it brought understanding but very little change. Understanding is important, but even more important for me at this point is moving past it all.

That's when the "aha" moment hit me. This beginning of this path to self discovery is all about forgiveness and letting go.  Honoring my past, recognizing the strength I needed to get to this point in my life then letting go of the pain and empowering myself to move on is where I am now.

Many thanks and gratitude to those who helped lead me to this "aha" moment.

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