Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Day With The New Habits

This morning I awoke to a text message about a part-time job that was open so meditating first thing this morning was challenging.  I was able to get in about 10 minutes though.  I would say that there were a few minutes in there where my brain was jumping around from place to place thinking about all of the things I needed to do today so my ‘true’ meditation time may have only been about 7 minutes or so.  It was a good way to start my day despite the challenge. 

After getting up and emailing my resume’ to the company I was able to get a page of free form writing out.  It’s basically a brain dump first thing in the morning.  I highly recommend it even if you aren’t a writer.  It helps to get the thought processes moving and clear your mind for your day ahead.  Non-stop writing, even if it’s the same word or words over and over again until something else comes up.  No editing or spending time forming thoughts into words, just let it all spill out onto the paper.  It doesn’t have to make sense.  It feels great afterwards.

In checking the weather around the area I noticed that Hood River was already sunny and beautiful around 10 this morning so I grabbed my camera and headed out the door for a photo adventure. 

I got as far as Multnomah Falls (‘cause what photographer hasn’t shot Multnomah Falls?) and ended up hiking up to the top of the falls for the first time ever.  I’ve lived in Portland for the past 8 years and never took the time to make that hike.  It was gorgeous!  I found a spot off of one of the trails to sit by the water and just take it all in.  That’s when I got the shot I’ve posted with this entry.  My camera is new to me so I’ve been playing with the settings on it and found that running water and a really slow shutter speed make for incredibly beautiful photos.  It’s just a matter of keeping the camera steady while the shutter is open, otherwise you end up with an unfocused photo.  Which can be good on occasion but not when you really want to keep things in focus. 

In total, I shot 113 photographs today and after editing them I kept only 10.  Thank goodness for digital cameras.  I’ve added them to my Flickr if you’re curious to see them. 

On my way down the trail I decided that a continuous climb up hill for about 1 ¼ miles is enough of a workout for my legs so I considered the trail my gym today.  Sitting here this evening as I type this, my legs are incredibly sore.  I’m thankful that I will be sitting in a movie theater later tonight and not doing much more walking today.

This afternoon I was able to get in about 30 minutes of guitar practice after struggling to get it back in tune.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t tune that thing to save my life.  Thirty minutes was about as much as the tips of my fingers could take so I had to be satisfied with that. 

Day one of my three week journey to form these new habits is done and I am happy with the outcome of the day.  What’s interesting about today is I’ve also fed myself well, which hasn’t been the norm lately.  Before I left for my adventure I made myself breakfast and when I returned I made a big pan of pasta and had a salad.  I’m really diggin’ this new habit development.  It just might be a good thing. 

Hope your hump day was a good one!


  1. hehe...this is GREAT Wendi...congrats on the habit development!! (and p.s. I'm one of those photographers who've never photographed the falls ;) hahah. GORGEOUS picture!!