Friday, October 1, 2010

First Show

It’s interesting how my mind works.  I spent the majority of the day working myself into a bundle of nerves over tonight’s show.  To be fair, it was my first show so there was a lot of unknown involved and taking this step to put myself out there like that was significant enough to create a feeling of nervousness.  If I wasn’t nervous I wasn’t alive. 

Even though I could rationalize all of those fears I still felt the knot in my belly.  What was the worst thing that could happen?  For the most part, I was going to the Q Center to hang out with my friends and see some really cool art.  Plus, I’m confident in my work and my abilities so what could really go wrong?

I wasn’t able to eat much all day, needless to say, but met up with some friends for pizza before hand despite my non-existent appetite.  Turns out, it was just what I needed to begin to calm the nerves.  Spending too much time alone today didn’t help matters. 

Surprisingly, the moment I walked into the Q Center the nerves disappeared.  I felt relaxed, confident and happy to see all of my friends show up in support.  I have a tremendous group of friends and am feeling quite blessed. 

There was a great turnout for the show and I got some really good feedback on my photos.  I was also able to connect with another photographer whose work is similar to mine in that we don’t edit our photos much.  Neither of us use Photoshop.  She calls herself an organic photographer and told me tonight that she’s willing to share that title with me.  I love it.  She also gave me some great tips for printing and showing in different businesses around town.  I have some work to do next week.

Despite the distraction of the show today, I was still able to fit all of my new habits into the day with the exception of going to the gym.  I had planned on going this afternoon before the show to work off some of the nerves but I ran out of time.  Tomorrow it will be back in the routine.

All in all, I’m relieved that my first show is under my belt.  I had a great time and am glad that I chose this show to ‘come out’ in.

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