Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wendi Kali: Photographer

(Liberation by Wendi Kali)

I feel like I’m still reeling from this past weekend’s events.  My new daily habits are helping me to come down from the high. 

In my head I have this long list of things to get done to get my photography off the ground.  Getting business cards made is at the top of that list.  Which isn’t a big deal, really.  I can find them online easily and for free so what’s the big deal, right?  Why haven’t I ordered them? 

Well, I realized today that I haven’t quite fully wrapped my brain around the idea of actually calling myself a photographer yet.  Seeing myself as an artist is so new for me.  For 40 years I’ve lived my life as something completely different.  Completely opposite from being an artist.  Trapped in the corporate world of keeping track of other people’s money with procedures and constraints. Being an artist means living outside of all of that.  I’m a stranger here.

Even though I completely believe in my photographs and talent as an artist and a developing writer, I am still having a difficult time seeing myself in this role.  So, putting that title on a business card some how makes things permanent and solid.  No more denying it. 

So, for my next first (there seems to be a trend happening here) I will order business cards before closing the laptop tonight.  Tomorrow I have an interview at a temp agency where I’m hoping to get some mindless physical work that will start the cash flow again.  You see, I made this leap into the arms of the Universe with just a wee bit of savings, no unemployment and now I’m down to my last $50.  Oddly enough, I’m not panicked or scared in the least.  Which is entirely new for me and really quite freeing. 

All of my other ideas need to wait until I either start working again or sell a photograph or two, or three.  It’s that capital that I need to take the next step of showing in places around town and possibly creating an etsy for note cards with my photos on the front of them and prints.  With the interview tomorrow I will get the ball rolling on that capital. 

Hi!  My name is Wendi Kali and I am a photographer.