Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feeling Handsome

Growing up, all I ever wanted was long hair that I could "feather" on the sides.  I was a child of the '80s so I went through the mullet phase as a high school softball player.  (First base, catcher and left field - booya!)  Yeah.  That was me.

When I finally cut it short before I came out I was concerned about it looking too masculine.  Shortly after I came out I went shorter but didn't quite have the guts to get it buzzed. 

When I finally got my first buzz cut I admit that I was a little hesitant about it but at the same time I felt incredibly free.  I not only felt free, I felt empowered and handsome.  Yes, handsome.  Ever since then, feeling handsome feels good.  No.  Even better.  It makes me feel incredible! 

So, needless to say, getting a haircut always picks me up and today I got a haircut so today I am grateful.  Grateful for haircuts and I'm even grateful for my gray hair.  I earned every one of them.


  1. Nice cut! I had my hair really short for a few years after I came out - am just now growing it out. Miss the short look sometimes. Agree on the grays. Gray is awesome.

  2. Thanks! Yes! Gray is awesome! (;

  3. You have always been handsome/beautiful to me!
    Love you! Mom

  4. Awwwwww....thanks, Mom! Love you!

  5. Hi! I am really curious about one thing, could you be so kind and please share with us the place where you spent your childhood?

    1. Hi! I grew up in several cities in Southern California. My family moved around a lot.