Monday, November 21, 2011

Stories That Suck You In

Whether they are books, television series or movies, stories that pull you so far in that you completely loose yourself are absolute works of art in my opinion. 

At the moment I am pulled into a book titled The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and a television series titled True Blood.  When I'm reading the book or watching the series I completely lose track of time and my emotions attach themselves to the characters so much so that my heart races during the exciting parts. 

These sort of things are inspiring to me.  I aspire to be a master story teller like these authors have become.  Today I am grateful for these stories and for the inspiration to better myself and my writing.

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  1. I dont think people always understand how much blood sweat and tears go into being a great storyteller!

    I'm reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. There are some sentences that bring tears to my eyes. (And make me think, Damn, I wish I'd written that!) :)