Monday, November 14, 2011

My Credit Union

A few years ago I moved my banking from a big bank to a local credit union.  I have been extremely happy with the credit union.  Their service is, so far, unmatched and they are on top of things.  To say I love them would be an understatement.

As an example of them being on top of things, there has been a few times while I've been with them that my card number has somehow leaked to someone else other then me and they have attempted to use it.  I haven't quite figured out exactly how this happens given all of the safety that online ordering and bill paying seems to have these days, but it's somehow still happening.  Lucky for me the fraud department catches these crazy charge attempts the moment it happens and blocks my card immediately.  Each time, I've called to verify the charges were not mine and they've canceled the card.  Then all I've had to do is go to my local branch and they make me a new card with a new number right then and there.  No waiting for them to send me a new one in the mail, thank goodness.

Knowing that they've got my back when something like this happens is wonderfully gratifying because it happened once again this weekend and I've just returned from the bank with my new card and absolutely no loss of money from my account. 

So, today I am grateful for my credit union and all of the great service they provide!

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