Sunday, November 20, 2011

Science Is Fun!

My son and I in a goofy mirror at OMSI today.
This afternoon my son and I visited OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) to check out the Body Worlds & The Brain exhibit.  It's the second time it's come through town and I missed it the first time so this was a new and educational experience for both of us. 

I was really quite fascinated with the exhibit and in all of all the parts that make up our biological bodies.  My son, on the other hand, was fascinated yet creeped out at the morbidity of it all.

I guess it is really quite morbid when you think about it.  After all, the exhibit does use real human bodies that have been through a process called plastination.  But, these people made the choice to donate their bodies to this project before they passed in hopes that people would gain some valuable knowledge.  I think I'd rather my body went on doing some sort of good in the world rather than being wasted ashes or rotting in the ground.  After, of course, all of my usable organs were distributed to others who needed them. 

The exhibit is quite popular here and there was a huge crowd this afternoon.  Despite the large crowd, I found myself not only enjoying the exhibit but also time with my son.  I am amazed and incredibly grateful that at 21 years of age he actually wants to hang out with me.  He truly is a blessing.

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